Here you will find the presentations held during the conference 2016.

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Thursday, 14th April 2016

  • Dr. Luca Montanarella: Soil protection in Europe and the world: How far are we?
  • Andrea Spanischberger: National activies in the year of soils in Austria.
  • Dr. Peter Eggensberger: Soil protection in the European strategies for the Danube area and the alpine region - from political concept to implementation.
  • Dr. Heinrich Bottermann: Future topic soil. Funding of the DBU - Federal Foundation for the Environment.. 

Workshop 1: Campaigns for Citizens in the International Year of Soils (IYS)

  • Dr. Heinrich Bottermann: Competition "BodenWertSchätzen" by the Sustainability Council and the Federal Foundation for the Environment.
  • Renate Leitinger: Soil for citizens - activities in Upper Austria.
  • Norbert Niedernostheide: "Bodenaktionsplaner": A new tool for actors dealing with education of soil awareness.

Workshop 2: Campaigns and Initiatives of NGOs im IYS

  • Tiziano Cattaneo: People4Soil. A European campaign to protect our soils.
  • Pierre Portugaels: International Year of Soils 2015 – EU Scoping Study.
  • Vít Hrdoušek: Activities in the year of soils - soil protection projects in South Moravia.

Workshop 3: Planned Soil Protection Activities of different Nations and Expectations to EU

  • Thomas Straßburger: IYS+1 What is going to happen next in Germany?
  • Andrea Spanischberger: IYS+1 What is going to happen next in Austria?
  • Helena Bendová: IYS+1 What is going to happen next in Czech Republic?

Here you will find the Annual Declaration "Tutzinger Erklärung", passed by the board of the Soil Alliance.