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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Welcome to the Website of the
European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) e. V.

The European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) e.V. is an association of cities, towns and rural districts together with comparable local authorities with the aim of making an active contribution to sustainable soil use.

The "Manifesto for the Soil & Land Alliance of European Cities and Towns" passed in Bolzano,/Italy on October 24, 2000, is the basis for agreement on joint objectives and cooperation between the partners. In acceptance of this manifesto, the members of the European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) e.V. are committed to a determined approach in terms of soil protection and spatial development, particularly on a local and regional level, and promote an awareness for soil issues in the local authorities.

Cooperation among the local authorities in the European countries and over and beyond their national frontiers with all partners in the alliance opens up new chances and is at the same time a challenge for responsible use of soil in Europe.

Further information about the organisation of ELSA e.V., like the Manifesto, the alliance┬┤s statute as well as information about the board of ELSA e.V. you can find here.


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