Executive Committee

Christian Steiner,
Chairman of ELSA

The executive committee is responsible for all affairs of the association, as far as they are not assigned by the statute to the members. The executive committee is elected by the members for the duration of two years period.  .

The following persons were elected during the 2019 members meeting in Rheine (DE) :

  • Chairperson: Christian Steiner, Federal State of Lower Austria (AT)
  • Deputy Chairperson: Detlef Gerdts, City of Osnabrück (DE)
  • Treasurer: Hartmut Escher, County of Osnabrück (DE)
  • Secretary: Wilfried Hager, City of Linz (AT)
  • Committee member: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Broll, Member of the Commission for Soil Protection of German Environment Agency (DE)
  • Committee member: Reinhard Gierse, City of Wuppertal (DE)
  • Committee member: Karl Grammaitsch, Municipality Lassee (AT)
  • Committee member:  Michael Heuer, County of Steinfurt (D)
  • Committee member:  Renate Leitinger, Federal State of Upper Austria (A)
  • Committee member:  Martina Nagl, Climate Alliance Austria (A)
  • Committee member: Antonin Okenka, Municipality Nová Lhota (CZ)
  • Committee member:  Dr. Giulio Angelucci,  Province of Bolzano (I)
  • Committee member:  Mechthild Wellmann, City of Nuremberg (D)