The activities within the Soil Alliance and their members are diverse and include information dispersal, public relations, knowledge building through specialist meetings, the exchange of ideas and involvement in many projects.

  • Projects: From municipal projects with children to transboundary research projects, the Soil Alliance’s and their members’ projects are as diverse as the ground under our feet. On the country-specific websites of ELSA, you will find plenty of information about the different projects.
  • Information: In addition to the ELSA website, the newsletter “Bodenbündnis aktuell” provides information about topical news and events. Additionally, there are specialist articles and features which address soil issues and different questions. 
  • Exchange: Once a year the Soil Alliance organises an international conference with a main topic around municipal soil protection.  The chosen topic will determine the form and arrangement of the conference, including workshops, seminars and discussion panels, together with a programme of field trips and social events.
  • Cooperation: In addition to the actions of individual members, partnerships and other national and international cooperation is important to a strong network. More…
  • Representation of Interests: The Soil Alliance participates in current affairs and political discussions relating to soil protection, and issues press releases on relevant topics. Following the annual conferences important points of view are summarised in the annual declaration and made available to the media and public.

The annual report includes short reports about our activities in different countries.