In addition to the work of its members the European Land and Soil Alliance cooperates with a number of partners to exchange and develop a knowledge of soils.

  • Climate Alliance:The initiative for founding ELSA developed from discussions from members of the Climate Alliance. Since then the idea of the Soil Alliance remains closely connected to it. In Austria the national Climate Alliance serves two of the local Soil Alliance coordination authorities.   
  • European Network Soil Awareness (ENSA): The ENSA-network is a loose connection of institutions and stakeholders highly interested in improving the consciousness about soil. ELSA is a part of ENSA, and has played a significant role in the establishment of ENSA. 
  • European Environmental Bureau (EEB):ELSA is an associated member of the Bureau and thus a part of an association comprising more than 150 international environmental NGOs. EEB runs an information service, organised by various working groups. It publishes position papers on various themes relating to environmental politics. 
  • Bundesverband Boden e.V.: ELSA has a close relationship with the national association for soil (“Bundesverband Boden”), a German consortium of soil experts from organisations, companies and authorities.
  • Bündnis Flächensparen Bayern: The association was established by the ministry of environment and interior, local associations and further partners. Its aim is to provide a set of measures which will lead to the reduced demand and consumption of land. ELSA is a partner of this association.