Purpose and aims

The purpose of the Alliance is to promote the sustainable use of all kinds of soils for the preservation and development of all soil functions, soil resources and natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations, as well as the socially fair use of soil and land.

ELSA puts this into practice through the following activities:

  • Public information about sustainable use of soils and promoting soil consciousness,
  • Promotion of local and regional soil politics and awareness of responsibility for soil,
  • Support of all efforts to initiate a change of trend in land consumption, to prevent further degradation of soil (damage or destruction) and to put an end to existing pressures and contamination on the soil and land,
  • Organisation and exchange of information and experience and co-operation between cities, municipalities, districts and similar regional administrative bodies, beyond the national borders. Support of national coordination centres,
  • Co-operation with the EU-Commission and other institutions of the EU, with Institutions, committees, associations and organisations, as well as with other soil protection and spatial development initiatives on an international, regional and local scale.